Many people ask me ...

"Are there more copies of these prints?" The short answer is 'No." But due to the number of people who are curious, I thought it might be worth a slightly more in-depth explanation of how my 'Forth' series was created.

Using large sheets of paper, I tear shapes for my masks (or some may refer to them as plates). I then roll out an even layer of ink on the press bed and arranged the first mask(s). With my presoaked paper laid carefully on top, I run it through the press. Once the print is removed, I'll use the inked side of the mask(s) face-up, or use a new mask to make the next print. Sometimes I'll run the same print through a second time for an additional impression. I interchange the fresh masks with previously inked ones, re-inking the bed for some pulls and for others leaving the imprint of the last pull to influence the next pass. Because I'm using paper for my masks, they are only useful for one or two impressions and unlike metal, linoleum, wood, etc. I cannot re-ink them.

Even though it is impossible to make replicas with this process and it could be argued that these are monotypes, they are considered monoprints due to the repeated use of the same masks. The link I put on the right helps explain the difference of monotypes and monoprints further.